Offer the ability to add custom fields on the topic creation page

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It is very important for a company to be able to add custom fields to a question, something like, username etc. Without that, being able to give meaningful support is very difficult.

Nishith Shah

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Posted 5 years ago

Jenn Lin, GetSat Alumni

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This is a great idea! However, we don't have a current plan to implement custom fields in the product. I am updating that status.

Here are some options for capturing more data when a topic is created:
- You can set up widgets to tag by product.
- With paid plans you can use private tags or user defined codes to store data about a topic created in the widget.
- If you are using FastPass, you can pass additional parameters via the FastPass API to store contextual information.

Morgan also suggested using the community welcome message to prompt for specific information. Has anyone else seen success in getting additional information?