Enable employees & champions to assign topic to self or others

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Instead of setting up a centralized schedule for employees or teams to check in on our community and respond...we're trying to use a more distributed model. The problem is, it's highly demotivational for someone to spend time preparing a response and then have someone else from the company respond first. It can also make us look kinda uncoordinated when two people post nearly the same response within minutes of each other. (High class problem, right? But a threat to sustaining involvement over the long haul.)

What we need is a way for employees to assign a topic to themselves or another person. An "I got it" flag, if you will...

Or if you're looking for very cutting edge ways of doing this...check out how Quora lets all viewers of a thread know in real-time if someone is writing a response (kinda like your IM chat client). http://www.philwhln.com/quoras-techno...


Daniel Foster

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Posted 3 years ago

David Rowley, CTO

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We are planning to develop an assignment feature to address this exact use case. We also plan to add internal notes to a conversation, so employees can collaborate on a response before responding publicly. There is a chance we implement this functionality in Q4 '13, but we do have a couple other high-priority capabilities in the queue ahead of it. We'll keep you posted as work through the remaining projects for the year.