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We're using fastpass and need some advice on how to benefit from this feature. Our goal is to be able to put the login box on our home site and let folks sign in there and request logins/retrieve passwords (it's a private community). Right now, for the most part, it works fine, but where we're finding issues is if the login fails, they end up on the getsatisfacation page. we have a sign in box that basically has the same html/form as our website does, but I think this is just confusing. I believe the logic for doing this was so that fastpass would kick in and provide a single sign in for our other sites. Right now, it's very clunky though and any benefit is being lost.

Don Freeman

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jenn Lin, GetSat Alumni

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Hi Don!

Here is what I see:

I try to login here:

Which takes me to:

On this page....

There is this code snippet:
&ltscript type="text/javascript"&gt

setTimeout('window.location=""', 500);

Can you humor me and make that redirect two or three seconds, like 2000 or 3000 value? I know MaryJo and I had some back and forth about this in the past. I believe what you are seeing is that the redirect breaks the "Sign Over" flow. The sign over needs to have enough time to write the authentication cookies.


Don Freeman

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Ah, yes, she mentioned that but it sounded like it was on the bitsocial page; I checked all the places where we are allowed to add code, but didn't see it; but you're saying it's in the html file. Will change now.

Don Freeman

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okay, this has been changed. I'm also going to find a code to make it close after they hit submit. if you have one handy let me know .... :-)

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