Get Satisfaction Engage: Information About General Availability

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Get Satisfaction's brand new Engage Widgets are here and, as you probably already know, we're very excited to share them with you! There's a lot to know about the Engage Widgets, and we're trying to share as much information as we can. Please feel free to post any additional questions below!


  • Engage is now available on all paid plans. Engage is not available on free plans.

  • Our original widget offering is now called Legacy Widgets.

  • Management of Engage Widgets and Legacy Widgets is accomplished through a consolidated Admin option called "Engage Widgets." It features an expandable menu that leads to Legacy Widgets.

  • Customization options for Engage, including product and/or private tag filtering, is available at the Enterprise level exclusively.

  • CSS overlay is not available for Engage Widgets.

  • Engage Widgets and Legacy Widgets are available in the English language only. If your community is localized in another language, you will not see the link in the Admin section for Engage Widgets.

  • The Javascript snippet for Engage Widgets only needs to be deployed once. After that, all changes to the widgets can be managed from the Engage Widgets Wizard within the Admin section of your community.

  • Engage Widgets have additional security controls and management of Engage Widgets is restricted to Admin users.

  • You can use a combination of Legacy Widgets and Engage Widgets on your site.

  • Migrating from Legacy to Engage requires replacing javascript code on your side. If adding Engage to a page that already has Legacy Widgets additional javascript will be required.

  • Legacy Widgets will not be retired.

Get Satisfaction Engage: Information About General Availability
by Jeff Nolan, GM of Freemium

A little over a month ago, Get Satisfaction announced the limited release of a new product called Engage Widgets. This product has been a year in development and we are extremely proud of what has been accomplished. However, that excitement is tempered by the knowledge that we are just getting started. A next step is to enable Engage Widgets across more communities so that you - our customers - can drive more customer engagement on your web pages and provide your customers with a completely integrated community experience on your site instead of having them click off your site and into your community.

Today we are announcing that the limited release of Engage Widgets is concluded and they are now available on all communities which are on a paid plan. What this means is that if you are on an active Enterprise or monthly subscription account you will see new capabilities in your Admin section under the sidebar option for Engage.

It's tempting to call Engage Widgets an extension of the successful widget capability we pioneered, starting with our Feedback Tab popup widget. However, Engage Widgets is a ground-up effort that delivers widgets through our API infrastructure with high performance and reliability on websites of all sizes, from tens of pageviews daily to tens of millions. In addition to the infrastructure improvements we have completely redesigned how the widgets behave, providing a completely integrated user experience that does not require your customers to click out of the website to the community pages. Lastly, for community administrators we have delivered a new configuration capability that goes beyond anything that competing community platforms can claim.

The widget configurator is a powerful point-and-click experience for building, combining, and configuring widgets that can then be dropped into your site as a popup or in page experience through proven Javascript snippets that are pasted into your pages. For the first time, you will have the ability to filter, sort and customize widgets without having to customize code.

Engage was not designed to be a feature-for-feature replacement for the original widgets we have offered, and transitioning to the new framework does require replacing Javascript code you may already be running from us. Therefore, we will not be sunsetting the original widget product, now referred to as Legacy Widgets, until such a time as we believe sufficient equivalent capabilities (e.g. CSS overlay) are available in the new as well as the old. We will continue to support the Legacy Widgets in our community and will ensure adequate QA coverage in future product releases.

As part of the process for apportioning feature sets to specific plan levels we have made specific decisions that will impact communities that wish to use Engage Widgets as direct replacements for Legacy Widgets:

  • Customization options are available exclusively on Enterprise plan levels and no CSS overlay option is available, at this time, in Engage Widgets.

  • Product and Private tag filtering options are not available on monthly subscription plans (Start, Grow, Connect).

  • Engage widgets are not currently available in any form on the Free Community plan level.

If you are using product tag filtering on a Legacy Widget on your, for example, Connect plan community you will not have access to that functionality in an Engage Widget, however you can continue to use the product tag option in your Legacy Widget. You can combine Engage Widgets and Legacy Widgets without penalty on web pages, and we have combined the Admin sections for Engage and Legacy to make this as straightforward as possible.

In the months ahead we will continue to improve the Engage Widget product, bringing more capabilities to the entire framework and making enhanced capabilities available to more plan levels.

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Posted 5 years ago

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Some GS staff have said that you will bring equivalent functionality to non-Enterprise plans over time, so can I get a clear a clear answer on whether you intend to bring product filtering to Connect plans? And if so, when? Without it, these new Engage widgets are no use to us.
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I'm so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We're actually in the process of making some changes with regards to product ownership, so we don't have an answer beyond what Phil stated in the post that you referenced above. We should be able to get you an answer once we have a few more internal discussions.
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Official Response
We have good news! Product filtering in Engage widgets is now available on all paid plans. Steve, our product manager, wrote a blog post with more information:

Product Specific Engage Widgets Blog Post

Thanks for your patience while we got this together.
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Official Response
More good news! Localization for Engage widgets is now available for all plans that have localization. Please see our Company Update and Product Blog post for more information.