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Today, we are thrilled to announce Get Satisfaction Engage: a new widget architecture that gives companies the ability to quickly create and change widgets that carry a seamless in-brand and in-application experience.

Read more here:

You can also see them in action in our Help section:

The Engage features will be available to all paid plans starting on June 1st, 2012.
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Jenn Lin, Alum

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  • ecstatic for engage!

Posted 5 years ago

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Jessie Young

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Our Product Blog also has more details on how Engage works:
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I've been playing around with the example and I love the drop downs.
It's impressive.
I hope to see how communities will use this.
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"Curate the content that gets displayed to customers by deploying and moving content modules: company updates, curated topics (such as FAQs), topic search, etc."


Can you expand on the curated topics point? Are you adding a specific FAQ type topic that can be edited at any time, as suggested in this popular idea topic?
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Caty, Alum

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As of right now, we are not adding a specific FAQ topic type. We know it's a very popular idea that has been around for a long time. It's been brought up to the Product/ Engineering team, but there has not been a decision on if/ when it'll be added to the roadmap.

In terms of curating topics, those on qualified plans can curate the topics that show in their widgets by using Private Tags (UDC codes). For example, on our new help page, I curated the topics that show in the widgets by using a private tag because I wanted specific questions to show. There are also other options to curate widget content by specifying a certain topic type or product.

Definitely let us know if you have more questions!
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Thanks Caty. These workarounds plus the new ability to close topics for comments sound like they will help us create and manage our FAQ type content.

BTW, your new help page really needs a search box. I guess you want people to find similar questions/problems by using the topic creation box, but to me at least, that feels unintuitive.
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Philip Hotchkiss

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Excellent point - we should add a search box to this section which itself is an example of an Engage widget 'content block' - thanks for suggesting this.
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Caty, Alum

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Yes, I totally agree with both you and Phil! The search box was definitely an unintentional oversight and we will get one integrated into the help page soon. :)
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Paul Hopkins

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We contacted you regarding issue with IE8, Zak said he was going to get someone to contact us, as our initial email went unanswered.

Can someone come back to us on the issues with EI8 that we encountered as we are really keen to push it live.


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Zak Levesque

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Hi Paul,

Sorry about the delay! Somebody from our support team will reach out to you shortly.

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Takim Kqmikqze

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We could not find any topics for: fb account has been disable.i hope u can get my fb account back coz i have my long memory n plz help me ,i make mistake coz push the remove account,my account [redacted personal information] ~ i hope u can help me .i try 2day to do this problem.plz
Photo of Amy Cottrell

Amy Cottrell, Alum

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Hi Takim,

I'm sorry for your frustration and I have moved your problem to the Facebook support community. Good luck and I hope this is resolved soon!

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Cecelia Crandall

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I'm still trying to figure out what api means and the purpose of it or having it anyone answer my question
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Caty, Alum

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Hey Cecelia,

API stands for "applications programming interface" and we have both an open & premium (paid) API available for companies to use. The APIs allow companies to build their own custom applications leveraging the data that gets pulled from our API. APIs are typically things that developers and coders use. Here's some additional API resources:

- Getting Started with the API:

- API Resources:

Hope that helps clarify things a bit!
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Cecelia Crandall

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yes thank you very much i so appreciate you taking the time to explain

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