Get Satisfaction Facebook Timeline App Tiles Available for Download!

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  • Updated 2 years ago
Our Product team did a great blog post a few weeks back explaining the best ways to optimize your Get Satisfaction Facebook app for timeline. One of their tips suggested creating a custom icon that included a call to action in order to bring users into the app. But if you're anything like me, creating a custom icon is much easier said than done!

Luckily, our wonderful UX Designer felt all of our pain, and managed to find time to create a few different call to action icons for everyone to download and install on Facebook. Hooray! You can download them straight from our Product Blog: Get Satisfaction Facebook Timeline App Tiles Available for Download

Also, if any of you have created your own custom icons... We'd love to see them! Feel free to share screenshots in the comments!

- Caty

Caty, Employee

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  • loving these icons!

Posted 2 years ago

Sarah Berchild, Champion

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Way to go Caty. As the UX Designer at Get Satisfaction, I too, would love to see what our customers come up with. Extra points for creativity and cleverness!