Offer "sticky" or "featured" topics.

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Amy Muller, Co-founder

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So there is a way to "hack" some sticky topics right now. We currently do it in our community as does Posit Science. You can use the "Additional Support Links" area in the right column to link directly to specific topics in your community that you want to draw visitors' attention to.

If you go to our Community home page, you'll notice a couple of links in our right column that do this. "Video Tutorials" links to our product "Video Tutorials" which is associated with a bunch of topics that each host a video tutorial, screencast, demo, etc. And "Community FAQs" links to a product we created called "FAQs" which has been associated with a selection of FAQ topics.

If you visit the Posit Science community, you'll notice that several of their Additional Support Links go to specific topics or categories of topics based on a tag. For example, click on "Switch Computer / Multiple Computers".

The way you achieve this is by being an Admin in your community and going into your Admin section. Click on "Company Details" and then on "Support Links". In the "Add more links" drop-down, select "Other" and then give the link the title you want and paste the appropriate URL in.

I hope that helps fill the need a bit in the meantime!