Offer "sticky" or "featured" topics.

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Joshua Emmons

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Not to mention it makes us look bad to our customers seeking support. I'll post a link to an FAQ or another answer that deals with their question and they write back asking why I don't make it sticky so they don't waste their time.

Even our customers assume that Get Satisfaction has some sort of sticky functionality.
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Jenn Lin, Alumni

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Thank you for that feedback, Joshua. It is great to hear detailed reasons why customers want this feature.

For clarity, I am going to change the status of this idea because it isn't in the current short term plan for our team.
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Talasea, Champion

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I've seen the users of particular communities (mojang and to a lesser degree, LBP) use "bump" replies/comments in order to try to keep particular topics at the top of the list.

The problem with this is they end up with 95% of a topic littered with "bump" posts. Worse, in the case of FAQ-type threads it ends up drowning out any supplemental information the original author has added, or conceals any meaningful dialog regarding the topic with rubbish posts. Now, in LBP we're gone so far as to request users do not bump at all; in Mojang -- of which I'm only a customer -- they have several topics that really need to be more visible. I did recommend to the Mojang folks to use the workaround solution Amy presented, however I still feel they need something that is much more visible long-term.

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As a champ for a company using this forum I find it increasingly frustrating answering the same questions time and time again, when all that is needed is a 'sticky' function which would reduce duplicity by around 70%.
I'm seriously thinking of suggesting that the company move to V-Bulletin which has all the functions of GS and a lot more besides, including sticky features.
I just don't understand why GS are dragging their feet introducing something that their customers are crying out for????
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I have to agree with the rest of the folks in this forum. It seems that most forums allow for Sticky Posts - keeping the important posts up on top. Even the ability to reorder or "move to top" on a post would be a great work around in the short term.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

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There are a few features so basic to this type of service that I am not sure how you could develop a product in this space and miss them. Between no sticky notes and no PM system it seems like you don't even care about things that are very important to your users.
My name is Renate Andersen and I am a researcher (PhD-student) from University of Oslo in Norway. I am researching on how social media as a technology in an online environment such as Get Satisfaction is being used for communication between end users and professionals. I am reading and studying some of the discussion threads here at Get Satisfaction, this being one of them. If anyone wants to contact me or have anything to say I would be very happy to email with you.

My contact information is:
Name: Renate Andersen
Email: [personal information redacted]

Yours Sincerely,
Renate Andersen.
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Sticky posts and PMs are a standard feature of any basic forum, and their absence on a forum such as this is incomprehensible. Our staff are compelled to answer the same questions again and again and again, simply because the numerous previous posts answering these questions have been bumped down out of sight.

I cannot believe this feature has been requested consistently for four years, and nothing has been done about it. This forum is virtually no better than Facebook; it lacks even basic forum management tools (moderator's can't even edit each other's posts), which is absurd given the service it is attempting to provide. I have to recommend to my company's management that we leave this site, as it cannot serve our needs.
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Steven Pal, Director, Consumer Products

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@Jon - Appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts here and offering your support of this idea. You're right that we don't currently have support for either of these features (sticky posts or private messaging) out of the box in our Small Business offering. We've marked this as Under Consideration because we are considering sticky topics for our longer-term roadmap for the web experience. It's definitely something we would like to add, we are just in the process of rebuilding many of our applications (both consumer and business facing), so have some work to do before we can add features like this. I'm sure it's frustrating for you, but know that we're trying our best.

If you watched our recent product roadmap webinar, you'll see that we already have some initial plans for how we'd like to support private messaging or private content within the context of a public community. If you have specific thoughts around what you'd expect from that, I'd encourage you to add those to this existing idea about private messaging. In the same webinar, you can also get a sense for the types of changes you can expect in both the end-user facing and business-facing feature sets. There's a lot we're working on!

Rather than jump straight to suggesting some solutions, it'd be great to understand your particular use case for wanting sticky posts. What types of posts would you want to highlight? Do these not show up in intercept search when someone is posting? Are these announcements you want to make? Or just FAQ's? From what you're saying, sounds like people are just not finding or adding to existing questions, but just want to confirm. If you can include a few example duplicate posts, that would also be helpful.

Without knowing your exact use-case, in terms of potential near-term solutions, although it sounds like you're looking for something that displays a curated list on the community homepage, many communities have found our Engage widgets to be quite useful to highlight curated content on their own websites. You can create widgets that are curated based on private tags that you apply to topics in your community and then embed those widgets in whatever pages you'd like on your own site (e.g. on your support page). It allows you to publish dynamic (yet curated) content in the place it will get viewed most (your own site) before users even make it to the community. This curation ability is available to all Enterprise plan customers. Amy also offered the suggestion around listing out FAQ's in the sidebar "Message to the Community" section. Another alternative is to post "Updates" for whatever you're trying to announce to your community. I notice from your community that you don't have any created yet ( This appears in the right sidebar (and at the top of the page in the new mobile experience) and is a way to announce important things to your community (e.g. a new product release, etc.).

I'm not sure if any of these is interesting to you in the interim while we continue to iterate on the platform, but wanted to offer some alternatives just in case they are. And if you have time to provide some more background on your needs, that would certainly be helpful for us as we think about our roadmap.

Thanks again!
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Update topics are announcements from official representatives, and some updates are important. Official reps should be able to promote important Updates to stick at the top of their community's topic list (until demoted).

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
promoting sticky Updates.
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GPRS owner

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Flogging the dead horse ... my turn!
The same questions - the same answers, even years afterward. The correct answer to a question as simple as "How do I setup email on my iPhoneX?" should be more easily found than it is, currently.
Some topics are basic - good grief, make 'em stickies, already.
(psst - we have entered the 21st Century.)
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Seriously, -the use of "sticky" or "featured" topics are desperately required. Re-posting the same answers to the same questions almost daily to satisfy new users is a real time-waster, and it bloats the legacy threads (which should have a 'locked/closed' feature to stop new users from resurrecting them in the misguided belief that the topic pertains to their issue...)
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Stephanie, Alumni

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Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. There is an update from one of our Product Managers, Steve, in a comment about 3 replies above this one that gives some more clarity to this suggested idea. Also, we do have a feature that allows you to close a topic/thread, and any Employee in the community who holds a Management Seat can perform this action.
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Desperately need this feature. Users *do not* read the side bar or use the search, so I need to be able to pin a handful of topics to the front page permanently.
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Bryan K., Champion

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Can we pin a conversation to the top of a category?.

I'm curious if we can "pin" a post to the top of a category. I am working to build a beta program and I'd like my welcome post to stay on top when looking at that specific category. How do I go about this? 
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Bryan K., Champion

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I see my topic was moved here. Is there any update on this issue?
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Stephanie, Alumni

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Hi Bryan, 

The layout of the app has changed since this topic was created but essentially, it sounds like you're interested in a similar feature. In the new community app, you can actually use HTML to display links to topics you want to showcase on the right side of your community homepage. 

For category landing pages, I recommend adding the topics you want to pin to the "category links" section via Manage Workspace:

Then they will display on your category landing page like this:

Does this help? Thanks for your time! 

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Bryan K., Champion

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This is better - Still not as obvious as I'd like but it is better.
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Bryan K., Champion

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Ok, as I work on this I have a few questions.

  • Can we change the title? Related doesn't really get what I want across
  • Can we use HTML in the links/Description? I'd like to bold some things and add hyperlinks. 
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Stephanie, Alumni

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Unfortunately, you can't customize the title at this time. I like that idea though.

And you currently can't use HTML in this section but there's an idea to add HTML capabilities in the description section of the category page. I think this would help you, right? Go head and give it a Me-Too at the top of the topic so we can keep track. Thanks, Bryan! 
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PF Staff Ashley S.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Is there an alternative way to order the Categories page, other than organizing by "Most Recent"?.

We are hoping to put our employee generated content at the top of each category, so users can see helpful resources as opposed to seeing questions that users have asked, that may not be answered or have accurate information. 
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Amy Cottrell, Alumni

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Hi, Ashley!

I merged your topic with this one, as Stephanie's answer here might help you out. It's not exactly what you are looking for, but many of our customers have found it to be a successful alternative. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Sara for Hughes, Champion

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I see that this thread is quite old but my question relates to this exact topic: stickys.

Our community members have been asking for a sticky option for a while now so I wanted to write in and see if this option was something GS was considering launching anytime soon. Please let me know. Thanks, Sara 
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Steven Pal, Director, Consumer Products

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@Sara - Thanks for sharing this feedback.  Just to clarify, did your community members want to pin certain conversations for themselves?  Or did they want you to pin certain conversations for all members to see?
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Sara for Hughes, Champion

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Our members are interested in both options. 
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Steven Pal, Director, Consumer Products

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What kinds of conversations did they want to pin (and did they want you to pin on their behalf)?  A few examples would be really helpful if you're able to share.  Thanks!
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Sara for Hughes, Champion

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Hi Steven, basically we'd like to be able to take a useful thread and pin it so that it's easily accessible to our customers. Our customers/posters would like to have the option to pin conversations themselves as well. I imagine these two capabilities would be developed separately. 

The only way around this at the moment is to use the space in our "Message From Hughes" section. We'd like to avoid doing this and have a more automated way to pin useful conversations. Thanks, Sara  
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Steven Pal, Director, Consumer Products

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Thanks for the clarification Sara.  I was actually hoping to see some specific examples of conversations.  We've been thinking about building a mechanism to allow community managers to "feature" conversations on the homepage of the community.  But the use case might be different than the types of conversations you would want to feature.  If you have a few example links, that would be really helpful.
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Hi Steven,

I work with Sara and I appreciate you addressing our concerns regarding Stickies. Here are examples of types posts we want to sticky:

A resource:

A tutorial:

An update:

An official reply:

As you can see, our community members have been requesting this for a long time:

Please let us know if you need any other information.

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Steven Pal, Director, Consumer Products

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@Liz - This is excellent!  Thanks so much for consolidating all this info and for the specific examples.  Just clicked through all of them.  Very helpful.  And it seems like it's a mix of how-to's, announcements, popular conversations, etc.  Quick follow-up question.  How many conversations do you think you would want to be sticky at any given time?
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You're welcome, Steven. I wouldn't want there to be too many stickies to overwhelm the user, but perhaps we could have a few sticky "master lists". We'd consolidate, for example, all the "how-tos" into a master list contained in a single locked post that the mods can update as needed. The list would consist of links to the individual threads.

For our purposes, we could have these sticky master lists:
-Scheduled Upgrade Announcements
-Policy FAQ

Then if there is a particular one-off announcement that needs to be stickied on its own, like a new product feature or a promotion, that can be a temporary sticky.
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Nicolas Dard

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We would really love to be able to have stickies by category as well, to be able to post links to FAQs, or keep the best posts on top. Even a limited number would be good.
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David Rowley, CTO

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As you may have seen in our own community, we've implemented the notion of "sticky categories", and a natural follow-on would be "sticky conversations" within each category.  Safe to say, we have something in the works...
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Hooray, at last. Now can you put a stop to the editing restrictions that leave every poster of a sticky topic that they plan to keep up to date in dread of a Reply, Comment, or even Like that will freeze the thing for ever in an invalid and obsoleted state?