How does Get Satisfaction compare with UserVoice?

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Will either you or UserVoice have the courage to compare your main strengths and weaknesses?
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Jeff Vyduna

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Posted 9 years ago

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Thor, Alum

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Hi Jeff,
While superficially similar, UserVoice and Get Satisfaction have very different solutions. We're fans of each others' services and even party with each other when we get the chance :-). UserVoice explains their particular focus on their Web site []:

"UserVoice allows your customers to vote on feedback and ideas submitted in the customer community. There is a limit on the number of votes a user can spend at any given time. When a customer creates an account, they are given 10 votes they can use as they see fit."

Put simply, they've created a voting currency for users to help companies prioritize ideas. This is the unifying concept of their system. I recommend browsing their very informative site for more details:

Get Satisfaction is different. We harness outcome-oriented conversation to transform the full lifecycle of customer support: questions, problems, ideas, praise. Based on this public, structured discussion, we deliver:

  • Dynamic FAQs, where employees' official responses or user voted answers are promoted to the top of the page; question intercept widgets can then leverage those answers to reduce repetitive support inquiries by up to 80%.

  • Collaborative problem-solving, where employees or fellow customers provide help through the problem-resolution process, and the public solutions become part of a live knowledgebase

  • Organized feedback and ideas, using an open, less game-based voting system (i.e. no vote limits)

  • Customer sentiment tracking, where we capture the sentiment of users over time to measure the organization's efforts. We also help collect and sort testimonials/praise.

The reason this works is that we're a "Switzerland for Customer Service," a shared space for organizations and their customers to come together with a common purpose (see the Company-Customer Pact:

The other distinction is that Get Satisfaction has a network model. This means we make it easy for users of one product to get help with related products and services from within the same system. In a world of such highly interrelated products, we see this creating more collaboration across organizations, encouraging accountability and the free flow of information. And each person can easily keep track of the support interactions they're having across all their products and services (see screenshot below).

I hope this helps clarify a bit. Please feel free to dig deeper if I missed something you want to know more about.
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Sean Johnson

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"We harness outcome-oriented conversation to transform the full lifecycle of customer support."

Wow! Please don't write like that. It makes me want to cancel my GetSatisfaction subscription. The corporate double speak is disrespectful to your customers. You aren't Microsoft, Oracle or IBM. Why do you want to talk like them?
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That's a great answer, and helps me understand the products even more clearly.

Its great to have choices like this, thanks for all the work you put into it, and listening to your users to help make your product better
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Steven Morey

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Ive put together another list of alternatives
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Jeff Vyduna

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Yes, thanks for this informative response. We've recently committed to Get Satisfaction and replaced our FAQ with your widget.
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Andrew Lee

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Just saw that you gave a response to this Jeff. We're on GS too, but we're a bit of trouble handling too many topics. We'll see if they allow a merge tool at some point.
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Thor, thanks for that response. Made going with Get Satisfaction a more comfortable choice.
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Excellent response -- I am looking at implementing both uservoice and getsatisfaction right now...
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Amy Muller, Alum

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Great! Let us know if you have any questions.
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Anders Abrahamsson

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Just tweeted this BRILLIANT response! #abundanceeconomy #collaboration vs #competition.

"We even party at each other's parties".

Yeah, add a virtual cheers from me, next time!

A strong user voice, in search to get satisfaction from the things I CHOOSE to USE, carefully and conscious, with conscience...

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Aleksander Soender

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So informative.. Thank you so much - I'll tweet this one
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Fabrice Ducouret

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Great answer, thank you!!
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David Blayney

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That's a very good response but it may have a slight bias on it. Although I am convinced that get satisfaction is by far better.
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Excellent response. I completely agree.
another set of useful distinctions

blind clicking is not cool
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Thanks for the comparison. It helped our decision process.
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Mirko Thalmann

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Thanks for the comparison
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Gregory Koldirkaev

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Very helpful for right decision..
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Being a small business startup I would prefer uservoice solely for the reason they offer a free account. That will help me to startup and then later change to paid.
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We were about to use UserVoice and found them really good, but unfortunately their out of the box Facebook app doesn't work with Timeline. We did a lot of research to find alternatives and GetSatisfaction (apart from the slightly comical name) seems to me to offer pretty much the same core offering.

But I think GetSatisfaction is much more usable (personal opinion) and offers many more options for sharing and commenting on feedback.

The in built ratings system is also great (i.e. giving stars for good responses and creating 'champions'). This reward system is akin to eBay's and has proven for them to be very powerful. (although stars can't be added from within Facebook, which feels like a real shame)

The standard Facebook app is also much more configurable from within Facebook, which is a great help. And being able to add widgets to my website is a great bonus too. Very simple!

One thing I've noticed that UserVoice seems to do better is to allow ranking of ideas through the voting mechanism. This isn't quite as good on GetSatisfaction.

All in all, I think purchasing either system is a choice well made. They're both great products. Each offers a 1 month free trial, so I'd recommend using them and getting a feel for which one feels right for your business.
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Simone Patuzzo

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Hello, i am a little company, are there cheaper plans ?
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Stephanie, Alumna

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This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Plans Pricing
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Meg Houston

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We are replacing User Voice with GetSat in one of our products shortly - we decided to go with Get Satisfaction because of their Salesforce integration. We heavily rely on Salesforce, so it was a good fit. We liked how it uses a federated search with our current Salesforce Knowledge articles, instead of creating the articles in User Voice.

We have been using GetSat for a few weeks now in another product and it has been wonderful. Hearing from all our end users in a forum-style setting was new to us, and the topics are really starting to pick up.

If anyone needs more info on comparing the two, I'd be happy to help.
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David Rowley, Alum

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Thank you Meg!
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FAQ, Official FAQ Account

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Official Response
This is a really great topic that has gotten a bit out of date as our business has evolved, so we've posted a new FAQ topic: Get Satisfaction vs. UserVoice: How do the two compare? Please refer to it for more up to date information about Get Satisfaction.

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