Https, cname subdomain, and FastPass cookie

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We have encountered the problem using auth on SSL via FastPass cookie.

When user logs in on his browser gets fastpass cookie with domain scope "" and this cookie is surely visible on (that points via CNAME to

Feedback page ignores this cookie. If user opens new pop-up window with login dialog and successfully logs in, FastPass cookie is set but nothing is happened on feedback page and pop-up page is not closed.


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Posted 2 years ago

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Amy Cottrell, Official Rep

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Thank you for reporting this and I'm sorry for any frustration it has caused! I have shared this with our tech team and someone will follow up with you shortly.

Amy :)

Jenn Lin, GetSat Alumni

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Hi Subzey,

Sorry for your frustration, I'd love to lend a hand.

I created an account and logged in. After I logged in, I was sent to:

When I look at the page's source code, I don't see FastPass anywhere. Are you sure that the code is being run?



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I'm sorry for inconvenience, the script indeed is not called. After reading section named "Writing a FastPass Cookie" on page I thought that just setting a cookie is enough.

Wouldn't you tell if there are any means to invoke login process without redirecting user to non-SSL page?


Jenn Lin, GetSat Alumni

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Hi Subzey,

I just want to make sure I know all the parameters. :)

You want to run FastPass from, which is HTTPS.
Your community is, which is HTTP.

Your FastPass code should look like:
&lt% FastPass.domain = "" %&gt &lt!-- if using domain aliasing --&gt
&lt%= FastPass.script(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET,,, %&gt

You don't want to apply the is_secure flag, because that will set the community page to try to use HTTPS.

The resulting code looks like:
&ltscript type="text/javascript"&gt
var GSFN;
if(GSFN == undefined) { GSFN = {}; }

add_js = function(jsid, url) {
var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
script = document.createElement('script'); = jsid;
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.src = url;
add_js("fastpass_common", document.location.protocol + "//");

if(window.onload) { var old_load = window.onload; }
window.onload = function() {
if(old_load) old_load();
add_js("fastpass", ";


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