Is there anyway to mark the comments/topics as seen or unseen?

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Is there anyway to mark the comments/topics as seen or unseen?

It's something like the feature you have called "needs attention". The way it works is by marking the topic as bold when the last replier is not the employee. However, many times some topcis don't need any attention if the reply is simply "thank you it solved my problem".

I want to mark those comments as "seen" and don't want to bother with it until it gets any other comment.

There's also a status called "complete". But, I have concern with that as well. If I mark a topic as complete and someone post a comment there which needs to be answered then it won't get any reply by the employee as it won't trigger "need action".

I think putting a feature like seen or unseen for every comment will solve the problem. I can mark each comment which has been replied or doesn't need any reply as "seen" so that I don't have to worry about those comment.
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I'm marking this one as an idea, because I think there's a lot of value in thinking this through further as we work with how to re-imagine topic pages and how to deal with them. I agree, it'd be helpful for me too.

Curiously - anyone else from the community want to share some of your workflow around this? I usually have a bunch of tabs open and sort of a mind-map of those to what email I've read and haven't read, but that's not exactly ideal.
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It would be really nice if this could somehow be shown to the community as well. I fully understand that most companies never have time to reply in text to every single topic, but it would be very nice as a customer to see "someone from the company read this topic/read my comment"

If this could be done by the push of a button, possibly at the same time as someone from the company mark the topic/comment as read, it'd be wonderful!
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I agree with the original poster. Either the ability to add a management note or unbold the topic would be very helpful. Currently I sort my management view by "last active" and then only go back and check on the ones in the last 1-2 days. I still end up re-reading some topics but they slowly get filtered down after a day or 2.
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It kills my OCD that a topic is listed as bold immediately after me merging topics.
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I spoke with our product & engineering team about this idea, but they wanted to get a bit more information from you. Is marking something as seen/ unseen still an important feature to you, or have you found a workaround? If we were to improve the logic around "Needs Attention" would that get rid of the need for a seen/unseen button? Thanks for the additional help!
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Yes, marking something as seen/unseen is very important feature for me. In fact for this feature only we have developed our own custom solution using getsatisfaction api.
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Oh, nice! If you're interested, you might consider sharing what you've done with the API over in our Developer's Community. I bet there'd be a few people over there who are interested. :)

I'll let our team know that this is still something that'd be useful for you guys and see what they say. Thanks!
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This would be helpful for me as well, except I would like the ability for users (particularly Champions) to be able to mark topics they have already read and sort to find those they haven't yet read. Thanks!