Make "product" pages a better landing page for visitors

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Improve the "product" view so that it can serve as a landing page for feedback specific to that product. Right now if I want to direct people to the best place to offer and view feedback on product x, I have to link to the company page (e.g., TechSmith) rather than the individual product page (e.g., Snagit).

What's missing from the product page? Most importantly, the topic entry box. But it would also be nice to get the full functionality of the "links" section added to the product pages, too:

Daniel Foster

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Posted 3 years ago

Caty, Employee

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We recently released our new community application, and one of the big enhancements we made was to make the category page (formerly known as "product page") have a better landing page experience.

The category pages now have a category-specific search/ topic creation box available for customers, and we display the most recent announcement (company update) that has been tagged with that category at the top of the page.

The details about the category have been moved to a more prominent location, and there's expanded real estate for all of your related links. Feel free to link to Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites that you wish!

Users can also easily see how many conversations are in a particular category, as well as see all the people who are following the category by clicking on the number next to the "Follow" button. Finally, they can further filter the content in a category by clicking on a conversation type, and then choosing to sort by status, activity, number of replies, and vote count.

We really think categories will play a huge role in the communities that leverage our new application, so you can expect to see further iteration and enhancements added to these pages in the future. :)