Offer an easy way to import content into Get Satisfaction

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While certain customers have been able to do this via the API, we should offer an easy way to import content into Get Satisfaction, most notably in order to seed the community with FAQs.

Morgan Sherwood

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Posted 3 years ago

Amy Muller, Co-founder

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Official Response
Hi All. I know this has already been mentioned here, but you *can* import using our API. I know that is not an ideal solution, but if that's at all feasible for you, you would use the API calls for "create new topic" and "create new reply" API. You can find those on this API Help page.

If you want to import information from UserVoice, you'd need to build code that reads the UserVoice thread and uses the "create new topic" and "create new reply" API to load information into Get Satisfaction.

An example of a community that was seeded by an API import tool is here:

I know that's not the solution you all are looking for, but I hope it's helpful.