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There have been loads of folks asking for certain items within our search to function differently/better, and we've been listening. We recently welcomed Aaron B. to the team in order improve search, and due to his hard work, along with Adam and Ki relaying feedback we've seen in the community, last night we were able to release the following:

Topic intercept search should prioritize answered questions and solved problems: Our "Intercept" search is where folks see a list of topics that may answer their question before they post. We're now giving more weight to topics that actually contain the information they may be looking for.

Topic searches should also search against replies: This one's a no brainer. How often have you seen someone post a topic with the title "THIS DOESN'T WORK" only to see in their reply that they've mentioned what specifically they need assistance with?

This fix is not to be confused with the widget search improvement we're still working on: this topic

Expand search to include topic body and replies / Topic searches should also search against products / Topic searches should also search against tags / Topic searches should show matched body content: We be searchin' alllllll the content now, AND highlighting your search terms as we do. Huzzah huzzah!

And the fun's not over yet - this is just the first in a series of search improvements. If anything here is unclear, please don't hesitate to jump in and ask. And if you notice a significant improvement within your community because of these changes, let us know! I'd love to highlight folks who've noticed a difference.
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Morgan Sherwood

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  • so so thankful

Posted 5 years ago

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aussiebob, Champion

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I have to give you guys praise for some great improvement!
I've done some testing and the search is even finding some small tags which is exactly as it should behave and exactly what I was searching for.
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Morgan Sherwood

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\m/ ^.^ \m/
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Thanks so much, this is very helpful =D.
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Phil, Champion

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Great stuff !! :) Now I only need optional colour(ed) "textmarker" highlighting. ;-)
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Could you add a feature for finding exact phrases? If one enters a phrase enclosed in double quotes in a Google search, that service will find matches that contain that *exact* phrase. We need that here.
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Hi Lance, being able to handle exact matches is definitely something we're going to be doing next. Stay tuned.
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Wow! That is an awesome new search! This is very exciting! It is much more organized and easier now! Thanks guys!

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Your search engine doesn't satisfy me totally. When I make a search like "I want refund" (just a test ;) your engine give me wrong results which contain "I want something else"
and not "refund". Your engine should filter some words like "I", "to", etc..
Is there on purpose? Is there a way to tweak this ?

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Can I customize the Get Satisfaction's search engine?.
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Here's some new requests :
- you should ignore the accents (m├ętronome in french should be considered equal to metronome in english)
- you should use soundex (
I really think that your search engine is your weakness but unfortunatly it's also one of your fundamental concepts. So we're desperately waiting for a fix to unleash your true power to our community.
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...and this :
- pressing the key "return" should launch the search (I might be wrong but people doesn't need a multiline text area to ask only one question)
- a link to see more results like in the expanded search should be available beside the "Nope. Finish posting my question"
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Morgan Sherwood

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I'd encourage you to post these as idea topics to give other folks the opportunity to vote on them and add their opinion!
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I posted it here because Ki merged my previous post :
"Hello Ahmed. I'm going to merge this topic with our most recent update about our newest search features. If you have specific questions, please let me know and we'll do our best to answer."
If possible, you can "unmerged" my older post and transform it from a "question" to an "idea".
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This is still our main concern about GetSat. Any updates since last year...???
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Amy Muller, Co-founder

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Just want to update folks in this topic that we have recently made more improvements to our search functionality. The topic we're using to focus this conversation is this one.

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