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As Thor Muller said, the site is soon going to be internationalized. That means it will support other languages, but doesn't mean it will immediately have them.

Since we wouldn't want to wait yet another long time before (if ever) official translations are made into our language, it would be great if users ourselves could translate GetSatisfaction into our own language.

This is particularly important for languages spoken in countries where GetSatisfaction doesn't have enough commercial interest. This could come one day, or could never come.

Similar user-driven translation has been done by Facebook, Meebo, and many others. Users can both provide translations and also flag and weed out bad/improper translations. As a language gets more traction, GetSatisfaction might choose then to take control and polish it off with a professional translator.
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Helder Ribeiro

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Posted 8 years ago

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Great point. We're now working with a localization project manager who is going to help us coordinate with our community to find the best/fastest way to get localizations done. I'll be sharing this topic with him to followup.
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I will translate this in serbian language if you want. My web site is:
This is what i do for RL. Contact me if you are interested at [personal information redacted]
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so now...1 year leater...where are we with this localization project?
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zeta tools

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how about the israeli market ?? will you consider heberew
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I can translate to Italian.
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Wongnai Employee

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I can help with Thai language.
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Martin Edenström

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Lotsa people could help you with Swedish.
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We can help with Spanish language.
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As I've mentioned in the original multilingual support thread, I'd help with the Spanish translation too.
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Official Response
It's a great idea, certainly in the spirit of crowdsourcing, but the complex issue with localization is how Get Satisfaction supports the localized products and then rolls out enhancements on a schedule in parallel with the core English product. We also have to make available help documentation available in localized form and a 1001 other issues, some of which are trivial but many are not.

Whatever we do you can trust that we will work with the community to achieve the optimal outcome, and no doubt a part of the overall strategy will be tapping language expertise that exists in the community.
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now 9 month later... what do we do about it?
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Thorsten Egolf

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9 months schould have been a long enough time to make at least some progress.

But I don't think we will see any loacalized widgest or even a fully localized ui soon.

It's a pity.
I really love the features of Get Satisfaction but without a localization there will be no way for us to use it.
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IdeaScale has introduced new feature for Translation which is awesome
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What is IdeaScale?
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Gabriel Rinaldi

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Is the translation idea dead?
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I think yes...
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remko posthuma

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We need localization to use the tool. Is there a timeframe for this feature to be finished?
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Here youe can find a relative new answer from Thor :
click me

Not quite what we hoped for, but it's a start
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Sebastien Belisle

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I can translate to French !
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i would do german...
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We just launced a small support tool that of course cannot do all the functions that get satisfaction do, but might help you out untill they come up with localisation. It might even speed them up if we get more users ;)

If you want, check out our "QnA", (questions and answers)-app. Its only made for Facebook. At this moment only available in English and German, but in about one week from today, we will update to a user-translateable version, allowing every single version to be translated in whatever language, and even use own wording for your own personalized version.

The app automatically changes to your set Facebook language. Here you can find it:

(Sorry for the long URL, we do not have enough Fans to get a vanity yet).
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Official Response
This is a great option for handling localization of the page. However, in our implementation of localization, we chose a different method.

Thank you for the great idea and I hope you are able to take advantage of the new language options we offer.

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