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Photo of Mike
embed google doc iframe
I'm embedding a Googld doc/form for a survyey in a post and it seems like it ignores the height & width settings in the iframe code.  I'd...
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Photo of Amanda S.
Once I updated my OS to windows 10, my WYSIWYG disappeared. I've confirmed with my colleges who have Windows 10 and they don't have any p...
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Photo of Lyssa Parisella
I don't want a demo.
I just found out I have to use this tool for Desk.com. I don't want a demo. I just want to sign up and play around with it. How do I do t...
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Photo of ___________
Report User Button
I'm not sure if we already have this, but if we dont we need it. Now it may just be me, but I'm noticing a lot more trolls lately. While ...
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