"Enable GhostRank" in Ghostery 2.7.2 conflicts with NoScript

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Steps to reproduce:
1. In a new profile, install Ghostery 2.7.2 and the latest NoScript (currently 2.3.5rc6).
2. Enable GhostRank in Ghostery. Other options can remain unchanged.
3. Visit https://adblockplus.org/en/developmen...

Actual result:
The ABP page shows but does not jump to the anchor where the heading "How do I install/update development builds?" is.

Expected result:
I do not need to scroll to the desired part.

1. If GhostRank is disabled, the ABP page works as expected.
2. If I allow the scripts in ABP from NoScript, the page works as expected. This issue only affects NoScript-blocked sites.
3. This issue does not occur in Ghostery 2.7.1.

Thanks in advanced and thank you for this great extension.
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