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Firewall like behavior/learnig mode!

Begin with everything blocked or unblocked(user choice), and ever we enter a site, it analyses url and each script inside it, and asks us which script to block in that site and saves selection with configuration/changes options! Sometimes we need certain things working on certain sites, so we need to be able to choose what to block or not in each site...

you enter www.anything.any
Threats found:
analytics: block/leave?
DART block/leave?

Nice job.. very powerful tool!
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  • Hi turista,

    You can already toggle blocking settings for trackers found on a page by clicking on Ghostery's toolbar button and then clicking "Edit Blocking Options". Checked tracker names mean those trackers will be blocked in the future.

    Tracker blocking preferences apply to all sites for now. This means when you unblock Omniture on, you unblock it everywhere, and vice versa. Here is the thread requesting more fine-grained tracker blocking controls:

    If you find a site doesn't work because of Ghostery's blocking, let us know so that we can try to find a fix for all Ghostery users. Here is the thread that goes deeper into this issue:

    In the meantime, as a workaround, you could disable Opera's content blocking on such websites.

    To exempt a site from blocking, right-click somewhere on the site, click "Edit Site Preferences...", go to the "Content" tab and uncheck "Enable content blocking".

    Note that since Ghostery is currently unable to determine site exemption status, it will incorrectly report selected trackers as blocked on exempt sites.

    Does this help?
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