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Ghostery breaks Wordpress.

Ghostery is causing a problem in Wordpress. See:
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    Please note:

    1. There are no verifiable reports of Ghostery breaking Wordpress. Millions of people use Ghostery, and Wordpress powers an awful lot of sites. It is statistically unlikely we wouldn't have heard of a problem until now if there really was one.
    2. There have been no changes to Ghostery or its definitions that should have any impact on Wordpress in nearly a year. If something has changed recently, it's almost certainly on their end.
    3. When there is a confirmed "false positive," it usually only involves a single tracker. I do not recommend disabling Ghostery except as a last resort, because this opens you up to all manner of abuses. There are scammers out there; don't let them con you into becoming a victim. Figure out which tracker is the trigger, and leave the rest alone.
    4. If a site "breaks" with Ghostery's blocking, it's nearly always trivial to resolve if their webmaster is cooperative. It can be difficult to impossible for Ghostery to work around booby traps.
    5. If someone recommends disabling Ghostery as a "permanent solution," you seriously need to consider taking your business elsewhere.

    If you think you've found a legitimate issue with Ghostery, you must provide a reproducible example. Tell us which browser you're using (name and version), which version of Ghostery you have, and list all other extensions you have enabled. You'll need to walk us through what you're doing — clearly, and unambiguously — including specific URLs. Be sure to mention anything you need to click on or type. Include screenshots if appropriate. If we can't see a problem, it's impossible to fix it.

    If you believe the problem lies with Ghostery's definitions, I recommend you use Firefox, because it offers the best diagnostic tools.

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