Ghostery for Firefox doesn't detect tracker inside a frame structure website.

Ghostery doesn't detect tracker inside a frame structure website.
Take for example, ghostery found google anaytic tracker.
when I surfing the same website via another uri below where it embedded, ghostery cannot found the google anytic tracker.
source code of it:
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  • Hi bobcaonjut, thanks for using Ghostery.

    This is a known issue. Ghostery scanning and blocking are separate sub-programs. When a frameset is used on a web page, Ghostery sometimes looses handle on the top frame (additionally, top frame i sometimes not reported by Fx core). When this happens, Ghostery scanner does not associate bugs found with the top frame of the site. However, Ghostery blocker does not need to know which site a bug came from to block it effectively. If you have blocking on, and Ghostery missed your bug on a page, you may also check Ghostery's Block Log in Fx toolbar -> Tools -> Ghostery -> Block Log.

    Last note: I was unable to see any GA trackers on the forum sites listed above.
    • I found another example of this:, which uses AdBrite and Google Analytics. It looks like nothing was detected, but the Block Log does show that both had been intercepted. Now, if I switch to another tab that had bugs, and then switch back, the other tab's Blocked count is still shown in the lower right-hand corner. I can click on that, and Ghostery 2.3 then shows what it actually found on the page (albeit with the wrong count).
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