Ghostery's blocking breaks functionality on websites

If you use Ghostery to block unwanted page elements, and you come across a site that's broken because of Ghostery's blocking, you can help all Ghostery users by describing the problem in this thread.

These kinds of problems come up because you blocked something the site (unreasonably) depends on.

A common example would be Omniture, a tracking/analytics company. A page might issue a call to its embedded Omniture bug in order to register some action on your part: perhaps clicking "next" in a slideshow, or adding an item to your cart.

That call is directly tied to whatever it is you were trying to do, so that if the call fails (when Omniture is unexpectedly absent, for instance), your action fails as well.

Ghostery for Firefox and Opera includes surrogate script support. Surrogate scripts supplied by Ghostery provide the code to allow sites to continue to work even when the page elements they require had gotten blocked.

Surrogate support is on the way to Ghostery for Chrome and Safari.

Thanks for using and contributing to Ghostery!
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