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  • Hi klink, thanks for using Ghostery.

    AFAIK, Google promised not to track on 3rd party scripts that they host, so this isn't a tracker, its a jQuery library hosted on Google Code.
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    • Responsiveness has a huge psychological effect. IBM did studies where they found people's minds start to wander in as little as a quarter second. Since a webmaster doesn't know whether page elements will be cached, it's reasonable to hope for best, but plan for the worst. The claim isn't dubious; everything from DNS lookup to actual delivery is likely to be much faster when using a CDN. Taking jQuery as an example, there are several choices:

      You want a guarantee? The guarantee is that Google has been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar more than once; consequently, they're now being subjected to closer scrutiny than anyone else.

      The Chromium example merely points out that Google has been doing more than anyone else to do something to address your issue. Still, responsibility rests with the webmasters.

      A better example of browser fingerprinting is https://panopticlick.eff.org/

      What you're looking for is something like a URN.

      You could run a local proxy that intercepts googleapis.com requests and offers substitute content. This is easy for http, a little trickier for https.

      Google operates the CDN because they need it for their own purposes. The marginal cost of hosting third-party libraries is small relative to the goodwill it generates. They can consider it a promotional expense.

      I get that you're a Google hater and a conspiracy theorist. But they're hardly the biggest collector of personal data that exists. That honor probably belongs to Facebook at this point. However, I can assure you that if you're in the U.S., and you get your Internet access via AT&T or Comcast, you've already lost (unless you're running all your traffic through a secure tunnel).

    • I don't see a massive difference between what I did and linking to the same text but if it bothers you then I'll just link (rather than trying to hold this discussion on a closed topic).

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