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Quickly Disable/Re-Enable Ghostery via Middle-Click on Statusbar Icon

For some websites, Ghostery has to be turned off to have them function properly. For example, on IMDb you can't watch Trailers if you block It would be nice if users could disable/re-enable Ghostery with a single click instead of going through the context menu (this way it's annoying). A simple middle-click on the icon should do it (and for Mac users of course the middle-click is a Cmd+Click). For this purpose it is also really badly needed to have a visual feedback. If disabled, the icon should change, e.g. the icon and text in the statusbar turn grey. Thank you for reading.
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  • I like this idea. Now I have to do this by manually turning Web Bug Blocking and Cookie Protection off, do whatever I need to do, and then turn it on again. This process is a bit tedious.

    For example, sometimes I want to login using Facebook on a site (like this website) but I don't want Facebook to know all other sites I am visiting, so whitelisting Facebook is not an option.
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