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Stop Redisplaying Alert Bubbles on the Same Page

While overall I like and appreciate Ghostery, it does have one trait that may ultimately drive me to deinstall it. On some websites (e.g. story pages on readwriteweb.com) the server constantly pushes out little updates. (Sorry, not technically knowledgable enough to use correct terms.) This causes the alert bubble to be constantly redisplayed. I find my attention to be drawn to the newly displayed alert bubble over and over making it very difficult for me to focus on the content of the page I am reading.

I'd like to suggest that the alert bubble not be redisplayed on the same url if the actual content of the alert bubble hasn't changed. I can understand where some people might want to know every time another little bit is pushed to their browser, so perhaps this action can be optional based upon a preference setting.

Thanks for considering this improvement,
Jim McCorison
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