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Photo of knerr
ics not updating
My ics subscription does not always update in Apple's Calendar app, even when I manually refresh it. I was wondering if this was some kin...
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Photo of Juan de Marcos
Hi Derek, I ́ve used Gigpress for a few years without problems. Upgraded recently to 4.4.2 and make a fresh installation of Gigpress. Now...
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Photo of Miguel
Date as text
Hi, I'm really thankful for your work and the GigPress plugin. It would be helpful if we could choose to add the date in text format. I...
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Photo of Jon Selig
403 Error!
Dates are getting published, but when I go to edit/update, I get "403 Forbidden  Access to this resource on the server is denied!".  This...
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Photo of gombroo
Problems with import
Hello, I'm trying to prepare gigs archive on my site Two years ago I added betwe...
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