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Donate and receive an original poem

Hello, everybody. I posted a page earlier this week over at GiveForward. Right now I am awaiting donations. I don't believe the amount being requested is too much. So, I come up with the idea of sending my donators an original poem. Mother's Day is coming soon. So is Graduation Day and Father's Day.

Everyone that donates at least $10 will receive ONE original poem of mine for the holiday of their choice. It does not have to be the above named holidays either. I've got poems that cover every occasion, including sympathy ones.

Those who donate $50 or more can pick up to 3 different holidays and I'll send them one poem for each of those holidays. These are originals and not all over the place. So you would be receiving unique items. I also create original certificates and you can request one or more of them instead of the poems.

Thanks in advance for all the support. Remember, "God never let you down, he was your upkeep". And that, my friend, is an original ME Phrase...

As Always,

Christine Jones
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