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more transparency

i'd like to be able to see how much money has been raised for each cause. from the cincinnati children's page or the send seth to india page i can't see what has been raised, what the goal the difference my contribution can make
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    Absolutely! When you create a cause or campaign you can enter a "goal" amount. This is optional because some causes and campaigns are ongoing. We have designed a fuel bar for the gift page which will show givers how much the cause has raised toward their goal if they have one. This is being connected in a week or so to the front end.

    Transparency is a big debate with larger, more established nonprofits. We've already met with some of the biggest in Cincinnati and the future of fundraising is something they fear. The open source world is influencing every industry and the nonprofit world is not exempt to this influence. They see change is here but when I'm still having conversations with dinosaur organizations about how online giving is better than checks, the conversation of "transparency" is like telling the neanderthals to turn the thermostat to 78 when firewood can do the same job. This is why we make this information optional but at the same time inching them toward a more transparent operation. We will soon be able to prove this openness draws more passionate activists and ultimately more gifts to their cause on

    We are also launching the new directory this coming week. This directory will have more cause information, campaigns connected to each cause, goals, total gifts raised, and individual city directories for more community-based fundraising.

    Thanks for your question, Jonathan. Can you please update your avatar pic? You're not 5 anymore. Go ahead, make fun of mine. I deserve it.
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