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I’m frustraded cause i have paid 7,99€ for nothing...

App Crash while searching in database

Hallo, I've just activated the full version of DataGlass Access. But i have an issue using the tool. I have a big database with more than 9000 entries. (The database size is around 7mb). Its a phone database for a huge telecommunication system whith informations sortet by phone numbers. If I want to find a entry for a number the app crash.
I have this issue also if i want to search for name entrie in a 2000 entrie huge database. But in this case the app doesn't crash immediately. First i can see my search results for more less 2 seconds.
Is my database simply to big for handling in this app or can u fix the issue?
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) November 02, 2010 17:17
    A 7 meg/9K entry database shouldn't post any intrinsic problems for DataGlass (we don't load the entire database into memory, so the size of it shouldn't matter at all). In the past, most crashes like this have stemmed from one or more corrupted records in the database. Can you try compacting & repairing the database on the desktop (as per and transferring it over again to DataGlass to see if that fixes the issue?

    If not, here are some things you might do identify which record(s) might be causing the problem:

    1. Perform a search that doesn't return any records. Does it still crash?
    2. Perform a search that only returns a single record. Does it crash?
    3. Try scrolling through all the records in the database. At what point does it crash? Can you infer from the number of records that were loaded which one was causing the problem?

    If you're able to identify any characteristics of the record(s) that is/are causing the problem, let us know and we'll see if we can get it fixed for the next release. You might also want to make a copy of the database on your desktop and try removing those records and transferring your pared-down copy of the database back to DataGlass and seeing if that helps work around the problem.
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