At least two different connection strings to connect to the same SQL Server.

This idea concerns DataGlass SQL Server

I have run a local SQL Server within my network. The server is connected to a router which allows me to connect to my SQL Server locally. However, I also like to use my databases on the road. After all, isn't this one of the reasons for DataGlass SQL Server?

Right now I need to configure two connections for the same SQL Server: one connection that I use on my local network and an external connection to connect to the SQL Server using the internet.

Wouldn't it be better if an SQL Server entry on the main screen of the application would offer the possibility of entering at least two different connection strings?

Should you have additional questions over this idea, feel free to ask.
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) August 23, 2011 16:43
    That's a very good suggestion, thanks. Having different "profiles" on the same connection would allow you to retain your bookmarks, search history, column sizing settings, etc. We'll look into ways to enable this in the future.

    Note that if you connect externally via SSH, you sort of have the ability to toggle different profiles by enabling/disabling the SSH switch. But that only applies to connections over SSH.
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