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Can I access an address database so that I can perform a mail merge?

I have a Microsoft Access 97 address data base that I need to open so I can perform a mail merge. Will this application open it on my Mac?
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  • Hi Judith,

    It looks like you are looking to use your MS Access 97 database in combination with mail merge and that you seem to have a wish to open that database in MS Access on your Mac.

    This product does not convert. It just opens. The only thing this application does, is offering the possibility to add, edit and delete records on MS Database tables.

    I assume that you have a vaild copy Microsoft Access installed somewhere. Conversion packages from earlier version do come with valid copies of MS Access. If this conversion does not work for you, I advice you to turn to a Microsoft Certified Professional or Microsoft Certified Solutions Export for help.

    Good luck!


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