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Can't launch my access database in mobile access client on ipad3

Access files in mail but the access mobile does not actually open the file . The app launches but my access file does not appear . I have tried access versions 97. 2000. And 2010
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  • Just answering my own question:
    I found that after I click on an MDB file in my email - I send it to ACCESS Mobile client.
    But then nothing happens. - ie Nothing opens in ACCESS Mobile client.
    BUT Then If I reboot my IPAD3 - THEN it appears in ACCESS mobile.
    This happens eveytime I try to add a new MDB or Access 2010 file. At least I can get these file sin TO ACCESS mobile, This is not the case with my SQL file access as you iwll see in another question I have.
    is this bug that I need to reboot the IPAD everytime I want o add a MDB file?
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