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Dataglass for iPad with OneDrive Access database

Can I use the Dataglass tool on my iPad to work with an Access database stored in OneDrive?

I would want to keep database changes synced across all my devices.

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  • Hi Josh,

    Unfortunately I think it still is not possible to use the app in combination with databases sitting in the cloud. I cannot tell you if Impathic will ever implement this feature. It's been on the bucket list for many users since 2011.

    To keep your databases sync'ed across all platforms, you will need an interface to sync all the data.To explain you all the details in doing that is out of scope of this forum, though.


    I am a DataGlass customer and offer limited support in this forum. All my replies are based on my experiences with DataGlass products. I do not guarantee any solution. You are solely responsible for using the answers that I posted on this forum.
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