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debugging connection problems

I am trying to access my home MSQL server. I opened up port 1433 in firewall and added port in connection setting. Once it timed out and now it is still trying to connect after 5 minutes. I don't know how to track down where the problem is.
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  • Hi Kevin,

    Back in 2011 I have tested the application for Impathic thoroughly. Unfortunately Impathic is not as informative on their products, as I would have liked and some connection messages that you get (or really do not get) are not very useful, either. I have tried all the different connection settings and tested them all (or so I think I did) and documented possible problems with solutions in this document: I think with this manual, you might be able to resolve your situation, as well.

    Unfortunately I do not have the Impathic products installed anymore, so if this does not help, I do not think I will be able to help you at all. Let me know if the document worked for you.

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