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Export only sends 200 records of 251. How to export the full query results.

I used a custom query and it validated and worked. However, when I exported the results (via email to myself) it only sent 200 of 251 records. How can I get the program to send all the results. I am using the mysql client on IPAD2 (OS=8.1). Thanks for your help.

I also have had trouble editing records...can you provide some documentation on how to edit a record?


Dan Landis
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  • Hi!

    It is unclear what product you are asking support for. Would you please specify the product that you are working with?


    - Mickel

    I am a DataGlass customer and offer limited support in this forum. All my replies are based on my experiences with DataGlass products. I do not guarantee any solution. You are solely responsible for using the answers that I posted on this forum.
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