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How to use the Access DB ?

How can I use the Access DB on iPad ?
On the iPad, I see a table, that's great, but besides readind the DB record by record, I don't see how to use it.
There is no header, no command line. I used to use the Cntrl F keys to find specific data, but the Ctrl F keys seem to be disabled (I used Cmd F, Alt F, Fn F, Ctrl F, no luck.
Any hint please ?

Also, how can I run a query ?
A pointer to a document or manual would be appreciated
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  • See my previous answer. MS Access does allow custom queries created on the iPad, but you cannot save the queries. Queries built in the MS Access database are not supported. The idea of the app as far as I have understood is to retrieve the information and to edit records in the database. Other features are under consideration (for a very long time now) or will not be implemented.


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