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How can I sync Access on desktop w/ Dataglass iPad app?

I have Access 2010 on desktop, and Dataglass 5.0 on iPad. I can save an Access dbase.accdb in Dropbox and read it on the 'Pad, but when I add a new record on the 'Pad, I don't know how to save it back into the desktop file. Also, your iPad app tells me I cannot edit record because no primary key field defined, but there is one. Can you provide clear inx for syncing iPad & desktop Access dbase?
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  • Hi, unfortunately the Access App for iPad does not support replication. You will have to do that manually by using SQL / Queries to select the records from your updated database and then insert them into the one on your desktop using import/export.

    I am a DataGlass customer and selecting, exporting and importing data across MS databases is something that goes beyond the help I offer to other customers for DataGlass Access.

    As far as your error message is considered. This is a known bug in the DataGlass software. IF your table does have primary keys, you can ignore the error message. The data you enter on your iPad will be saved.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
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