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As a new user having difficulty, I am disappointed with the complete lack of documentation about this application. At the moment, I have been able to bring an MSAccess database into my iPhone, open a query and review the records. I am not able to close the query again. There are only Previous record and next record controls. I require some help please
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  • Hi, unfortunately DataGlass products come with little or no documentation. DataGlass strives for offering products that need no documentation. Some documentation has been planned, though.

    To answer your question: in the screen that you are on while reviewing records, you will see a 'back' button in the bottom left of your screen. When you tap that it will take you a step back. This button is offered on many screens throughout the software.

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    I am a DataGlass customer. All my replies are based on my experience with DataGlass products. You are solely responsible for using the answers that I posted here.
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    • Hello Kevin, sorry to read about your frustration with DataGlass SQL Server. I am not sure whether DataGlass appreciates this or not, but I am going to try to help you with a link. I have written a Connection Manual for connecting to databases from SQL Server databases. You'll find the manual in this link: manual DataGlass SQL Server.pdf

      It describes how to connect and the most common errors. As a friendly reminder: I am a DataGlass customer trying to help out. My replies, my help and the connection manual come as is, without any guarantee or obligation from my part.

      Let me know if this worked for you.

      - Mickel
    • There is a back button on the record list. When I click on a record, the back button is no longer there. I have a triangle that shows the previous record on the left, a faint record # of # in the centre and a triangle on the right that shows the next record. At the top of the record screen I just noticed that the name of the query I'm in is actually a button that brings me back out of the record details, so it's all good.
      As someone said, once you figure it out, great - but a bit of a help screen would be a big... help.
      Thanks for the response.
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