Non-Alpha Sorting and Scrolling Grief

Just bought iPhone4 a few weeks ago. I write customized database apps for small businesses and was glad to find your product that allows me view my database tables on the iPhone. Your product works beautifully with two exceptions: 1. It appears to sort in ascii order rather than alphabetically. This isn't a problem in listings of English words that aren't capitalized but it's a pain in German where nouns are capitalized and there are other characters involved too (e.g.: umlauted letters); 2. Moving through a list of thousands of records would be easier with the old, but venerable scrollbar. I'm sorry, but wagging my finger ad infinitum while trying to keep track of the list flowing by at varying speeds is a REAL pain. A scrollbar is MUCH quicker, particularly in a database I'm familiar with. Is there a solution to either of these problems?
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