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Password authentification failed: some passwords not recognized

When connecting to a MySQL database from iPad or iPhone, passwords containing a % sign followed by digits are not recognized but probably "interpreted".
This gives the "Password authentification failed ... etc." message.
If I create and use a password containing the digits followed by the % sign, everything works correcly.
Is there a workaround short of changing the database password ?
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  • Sorry, my mistake... I did test on what I thought different servers with same systems and configurations. In fact, sshd config were slightly different explaining the different behaviours.
    So it seems really to be there that the problem lies, not with the MySQL passwords.
    Modifying sshd config to set passwordauthentification yes in place of no did not solve the problem but did not allowed SSH access with other applications like Remote VNC and Touchterm. So I am back to a situation where the iPad MySQL application doesn't connect to certain servers.
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