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Search Criteria

I'm using Access Mobile with a 97 mdb database.
It works perfectly and it is a great help for my daily work.
The only question I have with this app is because I'm not finding "Contains" as a search criteria.
I only find "is", "is not", "begin with" and "end with".
It would be very important and I would appreciate it if it were possible to introduce "Contains" as a search criteria.
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  • Nuno - In case you haven't found a solution yet, you can do contains using a SQL query that does a "LIKE" query condition.

    For example, I have a database of books and I use the following query to search it:

    SELECT books.*
    FROM books
    WHERE UCase(books.Title + books.Author + books.ISBN + books.Notes) LIKE UCase('%xxxxx%')
    ORDER BY books.Title;

    What this does is search over 4 columns that I concatenate together for that purpose. I normalize everything by making the data all uppercase, as I do my search criteria. I user LIKE '%xxxxx%' as my search criteria, where I can simply select and change xxxxx to whatever I want. The % signs act as leading and trailing wildcards, which is how one can do a contains.

    This is one example.

    Note: I actually have this query saved in a table I call "Saved Queries", with a column called QueryName and a column called QueryString, the latter is the actual SQL above. So what that allows me to do is to copy the SQL in the App and paste it for my search criteria in the App. I need only change the xxxxx and I'm good to go.


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