Sorting and edit table data.

Why I cant sort by cols all table data then edit rows?
Its possible only with loaded table data!
Sorting and edit rows work only with loaded data.
When I sort all table by id desc, then I cant edit rows.

Please add function sort by cols with all table data. Because when I sort over query I cant edit resulted rows.

Thank you.
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) April 22, 2012 22:04
    You can change the sort column for your table in the Query Builder. You can then make a bookmark for the query and use it whenever you load the table.

    Sorting by tapping the column only affects the currently loaded rows because the query is still "in-progress", and you may be looking at the first hundred rows of a many-millions-row table. If we forced all those rows to download before sorting, it would take a very long time.
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