Unable To Export A 237MB.mdb File From The Dropbox To The Access Database

I am using the Dropbox to transfer the mdb file from my notebook to my new IPad.
I have no issue after transfer the 2.1MB file which can be opened and viewed. But can I do any editing on the said file on the IPad. If data of the said file has been updated on my notebook and if transfer again to Access database, will it overwrite the earlier file.
Other issue is that the 237MB .mdb file could not be exported from the Dropbox, thus it was transferred to the Access Database.
Your assistance is appreciated.

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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) April 22, 2012 21:31
    We don't currently support any two-way synchronizing; DropBox can currently only be used to get the database into the app, and not back out. To move the database back and forth, you can use the "File Sharing" section of the "Apps" tab for your device in iTunes.

    In any case, 237MB is a pretty hefty size to be shuffling from your computer to the internet to the DropBox app on your device and then to the Access app.
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