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Unable to retrieve schema.

Installed able to get to the databases. However when I click on the database it starts to get the schema and just bounces back to the list of databases again. Any ideas nothing is working past the database list. I am using the SA account so I have the authority to access everything.
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) December 03, 2010 17:56
    DataGlass will bounce back out if it doesn't see any tables/schemas to display. One possible reason is that there are only system tables in your database, and DataGlass hides system tables by default. If you select the settings button in the upper-left corner of the first screen and toggle the "Hide System Tables" setting, are you able to see any tables?

    If that doesn't help, can you let us know the version of the database you are connecting to, and whether you are able to connect to the database with the same credentials using other external tools?
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