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Very slow on related tables after updating to version 3.1

Just updated DataGlass Access to the release 3.1 (31/01/2011); related tables does not open in most cases even in small databases. It worked fine and quick on the same database till yesterday. What happens? Is it possible to go back to the previous version?? Using iPhone4 with updated IOS
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) February 01, 2011 17:58
    We have heard a couple reports of this and are working on a fix. In our experience, this only happens with some relations (usually ones with many related records). Can you confirm this? Or does relationship traversal fail for all relations in your experience?

    Note that there is no official way to roll back to a previous version in an app, but if you haven't emptied your trash since you updated, the earlier version may still be there, and can be re-installed on your device as per the howto at: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/01/28/ipad-1...
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