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Why do Queries take forever to run - Is the app limited to only a few records?

Why are the queries so slow?
I imported an Access table and query that contained 2900 customer contacts. The imported query would not open - after three minutes the app said "Analyzing database keys for 'name of file'" I shut it down. Reloaded the database twice. same problem. Tried using the app query generator. Limited to one field: 'Account Name'. Ran an aplha sort on 'Account Name'. Took 87 seconds to run the query. Tried it again. Same thing. Added another column and sort. Toook so long I gave up and quit the app. Is the app limited to a small number of records?
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  • Walter (Customer Support Representative) February 25, 2012 18:27
    We don't have an limit on the number of records; we've run fine on hundreds of thousands of records. The problem is probably somewhere else. Can you try running the "Compact & Repair" feature of MS Access on the database file and then re-transferring it over? If that doesn't work, can you try just entering the raw SQL "SELECT NOW()" and let us know if it also takes a very long time?
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