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My biz Partner and myself started a tech company many months ago, registered as a NV state C Corp in September of 2010, and that that time we were sold our domain name.

After the purchase we hired a lawyer to see that our name/.com was legally protected as a service mark for our company, our trademarked name, etc as it is already our company name, being a C corporation registered in NV. (and this is verifiable on the NV state website), but that work is not finished.

At the time we initiated transfer to our account we had been told by both our host Rack Space and GoDaddy that we owned the domain name and everything was fine, now that we had set up the DNS BEFORE the transfer was to take place. Yesterday we found out otherwise as it was suddenly pointing back to godaddy and we learned that something happened - an error - in the Godaddy system that canceled the transfer to us at that time, but since we never got notified of this we thought everything had gone well so the entire time we had been investing money and effort into our products/company, only to find that now our domain name is not even pointing to our website or owned by the company as we thought. It is currently in the whois records that it owned by the wrong person, sold to them by who else.. GoDaddy, Despite the fact that we should be full owners of the domain.

We want our domain name back ASAP and we want it fully transferred this time so this does not happen again. We are sick of being ignored or given the run-around and are willing to start making some noise about this issue through paid marketing forms and consumer action sites. We are a good company in good standing in good standing and we can give you anything GoDaddy needs if they need it. I'm willing to scan my passport to prove I am me, and I will do anything I need to to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We just need our website back ASAP as we are in the middle of a negotiation for a big client for our company and now our email does not work due to this issue; We are dedicated to our company name and have taken legal action to protect it as a service mark/trademark. This same lawyer is available to us in this matter if it is needed. The money we have already paid lawyers to service-mark and trademark our name is an investment we are bound to, so if there is anything you can do or we can do to speed this up just call me, day, night, or the weekends.

I have already contacted everybody I can think of; Every day our site is down that is lost revenue. Putting my company in danger puts my family in danger, and they did nothing to deserve this.

I have no idea who I need to contact to get this fixed; I have contacted everybody I can think of and the guys in the change department treated me terribly and the people in the office of the prez that I called up using a number I found on the internet via google was snobby and acted like I was a mentally handicapped child. The undo department is ignoring us. I am sick of being given the ruin around, being treated poorly by customer service when I am the victim, and I want my company's domain back because GODADDY never let us know the system had an error, and since it was a error in your system you owe us to fix this issue. We never got a email, we never got anything. OMy entire life revolves around this domain, its the face of the company I have sacrificed so much over the past few years to build and be successful, and I have nothing to lose if I lose it as without it everything is gone.

Please, somebody help me with this THEFT of our domain by GoDaddy.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Unfortunately we are unable to just move a registered domain from one persons account into another's without the owners consent. If you have a trademark on this domain please contact our trade mark department at Also you may wish to review our Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy at:
Additionally, If you have been in contact with our office of the president then we ask that you continue to work with them for any additional questions you may have. They will be able to point you into the right direction and answer any questions you may have.

^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team
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Launch a complaint with ICANN and speak to a lawyer because GoDaddy will do NOTHING to help you.
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Duane F. King

They done the same to me they took my FREEKREDIT.COM Everytime I call them they find different excuses. I have already contacted ICANN. I sent an email to and undo the auctions people are ignoring me. I am furious at them after being with them for five years. I will not give up till I get my name back. Please contact me so we can make a stronger case against them.
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Godaddy sold my domain name AFTER I had renewed mine in 2010 and ever since a fraudster and spammer has been tryig to extort me for over £8000, it's been a long long battle but now Godaddy are trying a new technique ... pretending I don't exist.

Thankfully I have a pile of rude replies, emails and insulting replies from their CEO team so will be taking it further soon.
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STAY AWAY from godaddy !! They are scammers !

Here is our history...

After a long research we registered a domain at for 100 dollars, the domain name was so good that was labeled as a "premium domain" after three months of launching the site, paying google adwords, paying facebook campaign, getting affiliates, doing an expensive email marketing, creating merchandising, paying graphic designers to make logos including the URL, print 10 thousand flayers, etc etc etc... we find out from one day to the other that our domain was taken (stoled) by godaddy and they redirected all our hard earning traffic to their landpage to sell their products...

On the whois query it said "Repossessed by Go Daddy"

We wasted a lot of time, energy and money trying to get it back but our efforts were in vain, after a couple of months godaddy re-registered our domain to one of their shadow companies and then they put it into an auction with an starting bid of 5000 dollars.

There were nothing we could do, we live far away from the US and we can't afford suing a giant like GoDaddy, anyway the best we CAN do is to warn you about their business model and their scams, if you are reading this take our advice and AVOID their services at any cost !!

Personally i really hope someday Bob Parsons (CEO of; AKA the elephant killer) mess with the wrong guy and get his ass heavily kicked. I really wish to see him in a wheelchair for trying to outsmart good people he deserves it !
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El Tano,

I'm very sorry to hear your frustration, and I apologize for my delayed response.

I'd like to better understand the specific details of your situation. Would you be comfortable posting the relevant domain name so I could investigate?

Without knowing the specifics, I can only speculate, but no matter what the exact details are, I'm bothered by the fact that you've struggled with the loss of a domain name. I certainly wish you had never been faced with this dilemma.

That said, I expect there's some confusion about exactly what happened - GoDaddy simply does not take domains from customers and post them for auction. It is possible, however, that the domain was repossessed (for one of many possible reasons) and eventually made available for registration by others.

Often, when a customer loses a domain and researches the new registrant, they see "Domains By Proxy" (GoDaddy's sister company) as the registrant and believe GoDaddy took the domain. In fact, Domains By Proxy is our privacy service, which anyone can use, and seeing those details in the WHOIS listing for a domain name is absolutely NOT indicative of a domain registered TO GoDaddy. It may indicate that a customer of GoDaddy registered the name, but not that GoDaddy was the purchasing party or the party attempting to resell it.

Again, I'm very sorry to learn about the difficulties you encountered especially after putting so many resources into the success of your domain. If you'd like me to investigate the history of the account, please just say so and post the domain here. Alternative, if you'd prefer not to post the domain name, you could post an email address so I could contact you privately.

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I just discoverd that their employees non-renewed my domain name. They were suppose to non-renew a "mispelled domain name"!!!

Instead they non-renewed the correctly spelled domain name What does that tell you!

Now it is it snatched up and who is on the registration is privatized... I wonder if it is one of Godaddy's employees!

That is crap! I will never every trust another Godaddy employee to get the job done correctly again...

They toldl me to write to

That is total incompetency on the employess part.. I really wonder if the one that made the mistake is the one that owns it! Or one of his friends!
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We also lost our domain names because they locked our account and now we can't login to upload verification files (preferred option).
This happened after they supposedly sent original email to "verify account" but we never received the email.
And yes, account is now "Repossessed by Go Daddy".
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I am currently, day 3, learning about godaddy. My business domain of was taken by an ex employee, who has my credit card number.
With 20 minutes of this, I also had an unauthorized charge to my amex. What I learned so far.
Amex, called me before I received the card not present during purchase email. And fixed the problem in 5 seconds. Amazing customer service.
As I said, I'm on day 3 with godaddy.
I have been made to run in circles.
I cannot understand, why they send the email, if you did not authorize this click here.. I did so and.. because the Criminal changed all the info, all, they have a problem?
I have emailed my passport, articles of inc, credit cards, IRS statements, the whole nine.
Yet nothing.
Absolute worst customer service, business I have encountered in my life. Especially during a time where the media is focused on target, and others for their lack of protection.
A good thing is, a big piece is going to hit media shortly, and I have a feeling godaddy will be added to this :)
Something life, it's good to be the king. Or at least the prince.
See you in court godaddy, and maybe I'll take an ad out during the super bowl and burn 3 mil, just to tell people who you really are.
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Hi all, I thought i was the only one....

I registered a domain with godaddy, while trying to start a business, one it expired i tried renewing but i was a few days late...

they raised the invoice from 15$ to 80$, when i tried contacting them, before i knew it, the domain was registered by one Matthew Pluznick @

and guess what... it has be 5 years, they havnt used the domain for anytinig.... probably just waiting for somone to but it.

i wish i could get it back.
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People you should read this topic, how Godaddy return stolen domain names after FBI involvement and a possible law suit. Believe me Godaddy is the biggest theft of all.

Mirror, mirror of the wall, who is the Biggest Theft Of The World?

GoDaddy is the AntiChrist : (