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Photo of celinedl
name of transaction is missing
I have a lot of scheduled transactions/transfers, but when they are actualized, the title just vanishes so it is a pain to type the name ...
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Photo of MartiX
Reconcile problem
Hi, I'm trying reconciling for the first time, and on "Account Reconciliation" page it's showing me -100 "Left to Clear", however when I'...
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Photo of Paul
Negative unallocated? Confused
A $471.00 negative unallocated showed up today and I can't figure out why. I have a two income sources that have been set up to allocate ...
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Photo of frocco
Problem with ofx import
When importing, I cannot tell what transactions are to assign, from name field only contains:<NAME>Purchase</N...
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Photo of Alexis
Chat or call
Is there a way to chat or call to get help? I see this as a common feature with other budgeting apps and software. I’m new and almost fu...
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