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Envelope Archives
I thought I read somewhere that work has started on adding archiving functionality to GB. Is that true and if so what is the status? Than...
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Hold place
I'm asking again for you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the quirk that makes transactions scroll back to the top when a single transaction i...
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Native iPad app?
I just got an iPad and would LOVE for a native iPad app. I know I can run it pixel-doubled or shadow-boxed, but that just doesn't work s...
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Annual Envelope
I have an annual envelop that is due 2 Dec and has a target of £300. I have already exceeded the target by a little over £200 and the env...
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Scheduled transactuons
It is 13.15 here own the uk and my scheduled transactions for today have not gone through. I cannot post them manually on my iPhone as th...
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