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Archive an Envelope
It would be nice if there was an option to either Archive an Envelope or hide the envelope. Reason for it is I have an envelope that I d...
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Duplicate transactions
Hi there, Sometimes my wife forgets to add a transaction straight away and I add it when reconciling the account. She then remembers a...
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Android Pay
With the advent of Android Pay it would be handy if transactions made using Android Pay could go straight into Goodbudget. I have no i...
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Support multiple currencies
Hi there, I have bank accounts in both Pound Stirling (£) and Euro (€). At the moment I can't include my Pound Stirling account becaus...
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Transaction ID change
Sometimes my bank likes to change the <FITID> of a transaction which causes Goodbudget to have kittens when importing transactions as Goo...
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Additional logins
Not a priority but it would be good to be able to create separate logins for family members with less destructive access to things like n...
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