"All transactions for this account have already been imported" showing incorrectly

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I last reconciled an account about a week ago, but I've been a little inconsistent this week with recording spending. I wanted to be sure I hadn't missed any transactions, so I downloaded a limited time frame file (as a .QFX) and attempted to import them so I could match up any missing amounts. However, GoodBudget returns "All transactions for this account have already been imported" which I know isn't correct. I then downloaded data from the same time frame into a .CSV file and was able to import quite a few transactions, none of which were automatically matched to the existing entries (I assume this is because of the difference in formats between .QFX and .CSV, and it's really no big deal).

I'm curious as to why GoodBudget decided there were no entries to import as I haven't seen this behavior before. Did I miss a step? I recreated my efforts a couple of times with the same result, and I opened the downloaded file in Excel to assure that there was indeed data present. I've had no trouble importing before, even earlier today in other accounts.  Any ideas?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Tiffany, are you still having problems with this?  I just did a couple of imports from my credit card and checking accounts and both worked fine.  If it's working now, I would pass it off as a hiccup in the system, but if it is still not working, I would be more suspicious of the QFX file.  Transactions in the QFX file have a transaction ID that is generated by the bank.  This prevents you from importing the same transaction more than once by filtering out transactions already imported.  Perhaps that field is messed up in the QFX file.  You may want to try exporting the data again and see if it imports.  My money is on a bad QFX file.

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Hi Tiffany & Wayne,

Wayne, I suspect this is a FITID issue as well!

Tiffany, my guess is that the way your bank comes up with FITIDs (those transaction IDs Wayne mentioned above) isn't standard. They might be re-using the same FITID for different transactions. In which case, Goodbudget would think they have already been imported and not let you import them again -- that's to prevent you from importing the same one more than once. 

CSV files don't have FITIDs, so that would explain why you could import transactions from that file. 

I will caution against switching between file types, because you could accidentally import duplicates. So if you're having issues with the QFX file type, try sticking with CSV going forward. 

Hope that helps! 
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I've never had an issue with imports before, so I'll keep an eye on it and see whether it was really a one-off.  It may have been the FITID but if so, it's a consistent issue vs. just a corrupt .QFX because I did in fact download the info again (with the dates off by one day so theoretically it would have to reacquire the data for download). The .CSV solution isn't a good one for the long run because the bank reports everything as a positive number, and GB doesn't allow me to change it when I match transactions. That means every transaction is converted to a credit on import, and that creates WAY too much work (either before or after import) to be worthwhile.
I'll just try again at the end of the billing cycle and see if it's resolved.
Thanks all!
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Tiffany, every so often the banks and credit card companies 'update' their sites and they stop working properly.  I have had this problem, where the FITID is blank, happen to me twice this year, with different companies.  So give them about a week to figure it out, and try again.  I would suggest letting them know via customer support, but my experience has been that they have no clue what you are talking about (FITID).  But then again, the problem magically fixes itself shortly afterwards. :D